Soaked in Adventure

3 & 6 Hour Race Whakatāne 

Brought to you by Goldsmiths Chartered Accountants

Saturday 29 June 2024

About Soaked in Adventure 3 & 6 Hour Race Whakatāne 2024

Brought to you by Goldsmiths Chartered Accountants, the Soaked in Adventure 3 and 6 hour races will take place on Saturday 29 June 2024 in a magical setting including farmland, native bush and forestry within 30mins drive from Whakatāne.

Soaked in Adventure is a team event suitable for both beginners and experienced adventure racers – an amazing adventure and experience for teams of workmates, friends and whānau.

In your team of up to five people, you will navigate the secret 3 or 6 hour course by foot and mountain bike, collecting checkpoints and completing fun mystery activities along the way.

Work together as a team to plan and strategize to get back to the finish line because Soaked in Adventure is a timed race – you need to be back across the finish line within your race time frame or you will be penalised.

Adventure racing is a team sport – you must stick together and complete the race as a team. The team who gets the most points in the fastest time wins.

The Course

Our secret course is designed for children, families, beginners and experienced adventure racers – you choose the course that’s the right challenge for you: 3 Hour and 6 Hour!

Our 3 Hour Social Course:
Designed for families, children and beginners to adventure racing, the navigation is basic and appropriate for everyone. Mountain biking stages are non-technical.

To complete the 3hr race you will need to be able to walk/jog approx. 5-7km off road, and mountain bike 10 – 15km. The race is set so that everyone needs to be back within the 3 hours. There will be remote transitions so be prepared to carry your gear for the whole race.


Our 6 Hour Course:
Our 6 hour race course is designed to suit both beginners and more advanced adventure racers. Optional checkpoints provide a challenge level to suit intermediate and advanced teams who are experienced adventure racers. The course is flexible and designed so that anyone can complete the course or have options to cut it short if required.

To complete the 6hr event you will need to be able to jog/walk approx. 10-15km off road, and mountain bike approx. 25km on forestry roads and farmland (distances will be longer if getting optional checkpoints).

The race is set so that everyone needs to be back within the 6 hours. There will be remote transitions so teams must be prepared to carry plenty of gear.

What a great day!

Loved all of it – the banter between teams, getting us all soaked and muddy in the first few minutes, the beautiful forests, the sun shine, and definitely the burger at the end!

Andrea - Soaked in Adventurer

3 Hour

Social Race

Friday 28 June 2024

Race pack pick up: 5.30 – 8.00pm

Whakatāne venue TBC

(Please note that it is ok if you can’t make it on Friday night. You can pick up your race pack on Saturday morning if you wish. Maps will be posted online on Friday evening)

Saturday 29 June 2024

Registration opens: 7.30am
Race Brief: 9.30am
Race Start: 10.00am
Race Finish and finishline burger: 1.00pm

Sunday 30 June 2024

Prize Giving: 10.00am

Whakatāne venue TBC

 Entry Fees:
Adult: $90
Under 18: $55

6 Hour

Adventure Race

Friday 28 June 2024

Race pack pick up: 5.30 – 8.00pm

Whakatāne venue TBC

(Please note that it is ok if you can’t make it on Friday night. You can pick up your race pack on Saturday morning if you wish. Maps will be posted online on Friday evening)

Saturday 29 June 2024

Registration opens: 7.30am
Race Brief: 8.30am
Race Start: 9.00am
Race Finish and finishline burger: 3.00pm 

Sunday 30 June 2024

Prize Giving: 10.00am

Whakatāne venue TBC

Entry Fees:
Adult: $125
Under 18: $75

Its an awesome way for families and teams to get together in a fun competitive or non competitive way learning new skills , taking in the beauty of places you would never normally get to explore.

Liisa - Soaked in Adventure participant

Our 3 hour and 6 hour courses both include two mystery activities that are designed to be completed and count towards your teams’ points.

Once you complete the mystery activity, points will be added to your clue sheet by officials. Please note, if you choose not to complete the activity, then your team will not be awarded the points.



The course is a secret until the morning of the race when teams receive their maps at registration. This is when your team can begin planning and strategizing. You will search for checkpoints to collect as you navigate the course – they will either be punches to record on your team clue sheet, or letters to write down (for which we recommend a waterproof artists pencil to record answers).

Points are awarded for every checkpoint correctly recorded. You need to collect as many points as possible in the time you have to complete the race (3 hours or 6 hours). Points will be deducted at 25 points per minute late.

While navigating the course, all team members must stay within 100 metres of each other at ALL times.

Teams may not receive any help from outside sources.


The Soaked in Adventure Race is a timed race. The clock will start at the beginning of the race and your time to complete will be taken when your team has crossed the finish line.

This however is not a completion race. You must be in on time or points will be deducted.

Placings are based on points gained over the course. In the case where teams are tied the faster team will be placed higher. The first team across the finish line with the highest points will win.

You will not get extra points for finishing early. So you will be better to stay on the course collecting more points than finishing early but this needs to be part of your strategy. If your team decides to stop and rest – the clock still continues.


Merit prizes will depend on numbers entered for each category.

Spot prizes are randomly awarded to all participants at Prizegiving. You must be at the Prizegiving to receive your spot prize.

In order to participate in the Soaked in Adventure Race, you must:

· Provide a completed registration form by the team captain

· Pay the team entry fee in full

· Provide a signed waiver

    Each team member enters under their own responsibility (those under 18 years of age must have written consent from their parent or guardian). The parent / guardian can judge whether the child

    should participate in the event, start and continue to the finish line. Nevertheless, the organisers reserve the right to stop a competitor or team from setting off or continuing the race.

    Anyone primary aged child has to be in a family team. You do not have to be related. You do need an adult in your team over the age of 18years.


    This must be carried by each team member:

    • Survival blanket
    • Thermal top (long sleeved
    • Beanie
    • Whistle
    • Water proof jacket
    • Running shoes
    • Backpack
    • Food & water (we recommend at least 3l water)
    • $2 coin


    • Mountain Bike: brakes must work, wheels safe, tyres in good condition, handle bar plugs must be in. No E-Bikes.
    • Cycle Helmet



    Items listed are required per team:

    • First aid kit – minimum contents: triangular bandage, crepe bandage, strapping tape, knife, antihistamine, gauze bandage
    • 2x Compass - Note: 2 per team required
    • Topo maps – provided
    • Cell phone (fully charged)
    • Map pens/waterproof pencil & map bags


    ** Individual and team gear will be checked at registration.




    All participants compete at their own risk and the organisers will not accept liability for any personal accident or injury during the event.

    A liability waiver form must be signed by the team captain on behalf of the team in advance.

    Competitors should ensure that they are adequately insured. Competitors under 18 years of age must have the waiver signed by a parent or guardian.

    You are responsible for your own safety. As you are on farmland, remote bush, near rivers, there are many risks out there. It is your own responsibility to keep yourself safe.

    Please be mindful of stock. In some cases you may come across stock. Please avoid getting too close. Please leave all gates closed and climb at the hinge end.

    Participants must respect instructions given by the officials and must also follow their decisions regarding health security and safety.

    Breaches of the rules contained in this entry form may lead to points being forfeited, or disqualification. In addition unfair behaviour, obtaining information or advantage from an outside source, abandonment of a team member, intentional damage, or dropping of rubbish may also result in disqualification.

    There will not be any entry refunds after 15th June 2022. Any cancellations prior to this will incur a 50% administration fee.

    If the event is postponed there will be no refunds. Your entry will be transferred to the new date.

    In case of withdrawal of a competitor or entire team during the race, the captain must inform the organisers by any means available in the shortest possible time. If a team member pulls out of the race, you can continue as long as there are 2 team members left.

    There will be no refund of entry fees in the event that the race is cancelled due to forces outside the organisers control such as weather. However we will do our best to postpone the event.

    Countdown to Soaked in Adventure Whakatāne 2024!








    Soaked in Adventure map boards

    Map boards are ideal for adventure racing.  Ben’s mapboards sit on the front of your mountain bike and tie down with elastic cord.  The board rotates so you can orientate you map and fits most modern mountain bikes.

    Map Boards are only $35 plus $10 postage. Boards can be picked up from any Soaked in Adventure event or picked up in Whakatāne to save postage.

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