Frazzled Kiwi

Cambridge 2024

September 15th 2024

Frazzled Kiwi Cambridge 2024

Sunday 15 September 2024

The fun Frazzled Kiwi Cambridge team adventure race will take place in an awesome farmland setting (with mud!) in Cambridge area on Sunday 15 September 2024.

Frazzled Kiwi is a fun team adventure race for families, students, social adults and corporate groups. Make great memories with your team of 2 – 5 awesome people as you use your course map and clue sheet to find checkpoints and complete fun mystery activities. Frazzled Kiwi is the perfect introduction to adventure racing and a great weekend event – it is a run/trek only adventure race.

Adventure racing is a team sport – you must stick together and complete the race as a team. The team who gets the most points in the fastest time wins.

The Course

The Frazzled Kiwi course is designed for children, families, social adults, fun work teams and beginners to adventure racing. 

The 6-7km course will be around farmland – there will be mud! Using your map and clue sheet, your team will search for checkpoints by foot – this is a running/walking race only. All team members must stay together at ALL times on the course.  You should complete the course in between 1.5 and 3 hours.

My boys loved the mud and the team spirit

of everyone helping everyone out!

Great event and looking forward to next year.

Kate – Frazzled Kiwi Mum

Key times

Frazzled Kiwi Adventure Race Cambridge 2024

Sunday 15 September 2024

8.30-9.30 am Registration

9.45 am Race Briefing

10.00 am Race Starts

1.00pm Prize giving

Once you have received your maps, you may not leave the registration area until the race starts.

Entry Fees:
$35 per person

Remember to clean your footwear before going on the farm

Help look after the taiao and minimise biosecurity risks. Please ensure you clean your footwear for Frazzled Kiwi Adventure Race

The course includes mystery activities that are designed to be completed and count towards your teams’ points.

Once you complete the mystery activity, points will be added to your clue sheet by officials. Please note, if you choose not to complete the activity, then your team will not be awarded the points.



The course is a secret until the morning of the race when teams receive their maps at registration. This is when your team can begin planning and strategizing.

Frazzled Kiwi course will be around Farmland. You will be searching for check points. This is a running/walking race only. 

You may not receive any help from outside sources. All team members must stay together at ALL times.


Frazzled Kiwi is a timed race. The clock will start at the beginning of the race and your time to complete will be taken when your team has crossed the finish line.

You have up to 3 hours to collect as many points as possible.  Use your time well as you will not get points for finishing early (you may as well be out there getting more points). If a team decides to stop for a rest the clock still continues.  In the case where teams are tied in points, the first team across the finish will win.

The idea is to get all points.  If you finish over 3 hours – you will not be eligible for a placing. There will be options to cut the course short so you can finish within the three hour cutoff.

Placings and Awards

Placings are based on points gained over the course after adjustments for lateness.


Prizes will be allocated according to numbers in each category.


In order to participate in Frazzled Kiwi you must:

· Provide a completed registration form by the team captain

· Pay the team entry fee in full


    Each team member enters under their own responsibility (those under 18 years of age must have written consent from their parent or guardian).  The parent / guardian can judge whether the child should participate in the event, start and continue to the finish line.  Nevertheless, the organisers reserve the right to stop a competitor or team from setting off or continuing the race.

    Anyone under year 7 has to be in a family team. You do not have to be related. You do need an adult in your team over the age of 18years.


    Team Categories

    Family/Primary: (must have a primary aged child and an adult over 18years in your team)

    2-3 Person Team

    4-5 Person Team

    Intermediate Students: Years 7 and 8

    High School Students: Years 7-13

    2-5 Person Team

    Social (Families with no primary aged children can go in this category too)

    2- 5 people


    – All participants must wear shoes. 

    -Please bring snacks and water for any children participating.

    -Please bring clothing appropriate for the weather conditions.

    – A jacket

    -Small First Aid Kit per team

    – Sunhat and Sunscreen

    -Resealable bags to keep maps weatherproof.

    – a pencil or pen.

    – $2 coin

    – 1 compass per team

    -It is recommended that you bring one phone per team in case of emergencies only.

    All participants compete at their own risk and the organisers will not accept liability for any personal accident or injury during the event.

    A liability waiver form must be signed by the team captain on behalf of the team in advance.

    Competitors should ensure that they are adequately insured. Competitors under 18 years of age must have the waiver signed by a parent or guardian.

    You are responsible for your own safety.  These are working farms.  There are electric fences  

    Please be mindful of stock.  In some cases you may come across stock.  Please avoid getting too close.


    Participants must respect instructions given by the officials and must also follow their decisions regarding health security and safety.

    Breaches of the rules contained in this entry form may lead to points being forfeited, or disqualification.  In addition unfair behaviour, obtaining information or advantage from an outside source, abandonment of a team member, intentional damage, or dropping of rubbish may also result in disqualification.

    In case of withdrawal of a competitor or entire team, the captain must inform the organisers by any means available in the shortest possible time.  If a team member pulls out of the race, you can continue the race as long as there are at least 2 people left in the team.

    There will be no refund of entry fees per team in the event that the race is cancelled due to forces outside the organizers control such as weather.  However, we will do our best to postpone the event.

    Countdown to Frazzled Kiwi fun adventure in Cambridge 2024!








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